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HierarchyPro is an editor extension for Unity which adds an array of useful features to the default scene organisation.

It allows you to easily view and edit Unity standard features, such as the gizmo icon, static flags, layer, tags, locking and disabling.

HierarchyPro Controls
HierarchyPro - Inline Controls

Each object shows a list of all of the component icons currently assigned for simple identification of behaviours. Any missing scripts will show as an error icon, making spotting and fixing such problems simple.

Any prefabs will show an icon allowing you to easily select the prefab source in the asset database.

A dockable Groups window allows you to manage sets of related objects without affecting the hierarchy. The Groups system allows you to quickly lock, diable, and select both Transform and RectTransform objects.

You can also quickly add and customise notes against either objects or groups. These will be saved to the scene, and shared between team members.

Full source is provided, and full support available through the contact form.

HierarchyPro Example View
HierarchyPro - Example View


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